Jarrett Coleman

The Coleman Doctrine


Protect Taxpayers

Curb the effects of runaway inflation by stopping Harrisburg’s push to raise our taxes and pass real tax relief. Taxpayers first for a change.

SUPPORT THE “TAXPAYER BILL OF RIGHTS” which seeks to cap the rate a which government can spend money. We have spending problem, not a revenue problem.

Ensure Fiscal Responsibility

Oppose out- of-control spending plans by BOTH Republican and Democrat politicians who saddle struggling taxpayers with more debt during these tough economic times. Enact spending limits to protect against taxpayers’ abuse.

Reform State Government

Pass term limits on politicians, end taxpayer-funded “Cadillac” pensions and enact a gift ban to restore trust.

Grow Economic Opportunity

Enact competitive economic policies that entice businesses to relocate to Pennsylvania instead of fleeing from the state.

Improve Education

Ensure tax dollars funds students, not systems. Improve school performance accountability to parents, students, and taxpayers.

Free & Fair Elections

Pass election reform that includes repeal of Tom Wolf’s reckless, unlimited mail-in voting law that has zero safeguards against voter fraud. We need free and FAIR elections to restore faith in our system, which includes voter ID, clean voter rolls, and absentee ballets only upon request. 

Restore Freedom

Protect our constitutional rights from government overreach. The Bill of Rights has never been more important during these times.


I believe in protecting the unique and precious life in a mother’s womb. I also understand and support common sense exemptions for instances of rape, incest or when the life of the mother is at risk.