Jarrett Coleman

Pat Browne

A 26-Year CAREER POLITICIAN running a dishonest campaign so he can hang onto power. Now he’s using your kids as pawns for re-election. If you cant trust him to run an honest campaign how can you trust him to fight for your best interests?

Pat Browne's Lies and Deceptions

False Claim: Jarrett Coleman Voted to Mask Children

Truth: Jarrett Worked Tirelessly to Keep Kids From Wearing Masks!

You may have seen these FALSE campaign ads running around suggesting that I was the ONLY board member to keep masks on childrens faces in Parkland. This is yet another bold faced lie. The vote in question was another modification to the masking protocol yet again allowing the Parkland Administration (not the board) to make changes to masking requirements (Health and Safety Plan) as they see fit without board approval.
It has been and always will be my opinion that NO ONE has the autothity to tell us to mask our children. This is what I said before I voted.
“I don’t want any part in any type of plan that suggests masks should be placed on children’s faces. The only time I’ll be voting on this is to end this tiered program,”.
If you dont believe me go ahead and watch the board meeting yourself. Click this link and go to 1 hour and 36 minute mark. (Also notice I am the only board member not wearing a mask…).
Ask your friends in Parkland who opposes masks on the board, and see what they will tell you.
Or you could see for yourself in my other comment at a board meeting against masking here…
You cant trust Pat Browne to tell the truth, and you cant trust him in office. Please do your own research, and Fire him next Tuesday.

False Claim: Pat Browne Refused Legislators Pension

Truth: Pat Browne is Enrolled in the State Pension Plan

Pat Browne continues to lie to constituents and as a result must be called out.  

He repeatedly tells bold faced lies to his constituents.  One of them that he did not take the legislative pension.  

The only problem with that is that he is lying, not only did he take it, but he increased it 50% while in office.  

His taxpayer funded Cadillac pension is roughly 100,000 a year when set to be paid out.  

Part of a fair and free media is to call out lies like this.    

A Few More Lies

You Can't Trust Pat Browne...
Let's Fire Him On May 17th!