Jarrett Coleman

The Coleman Doctrine

Mr. Coleman is going to Harrisburg to get stuff done.

His promises made will be promises kept.

Let’s keep PA a free state.

Free & Fair Elections

Pass election reform that includes repeal of Tom Wolf’s reckless, unlimited mail-in voting law that has zero safeguards against voter fraud. We need free and FAIR elections to restore faith in our system, which includes voter ID, clean voter rolls, and absentee ballets only upon request. 


End the lavish perks, gold-plated pensions for politicians and ban the practice of taxpayer-funded lobbyists hired to lobby for more taxpayer dollars. Consider term and age limits for those serving.  Reform current retirement plans that send the message that serving is a long-term career. 

Government Overreach

End government overreach.  Stop outdated COVID restrictions and allow people and businesses to live and operate freely again.  End restrictive “administrative state” policies.  

Reduce Property Taxes

Funding our schools through property taxes hurts our elderly population.  No one should be forced to lose their home after paying it off, because they cannot afford their property taxes.  We must stop this practice and seek fair, broad-based solutions to fund our schools.

Strengthen Our Schools

Let’s refocus back to our core academic principles while teaching kids to respect one another without a racial lens. 

Give parents their voices back while developing curriculum with full transparency.

Provide a rich, fundamental education for ALL children, free from unnecessary sexualization strategies, that encourages our children to respect our country and with a focus on exceeding national standards in the foundations of reading, math, science and history.  

Gun Rights

Protect our 2nd amendment rights!